Info about Helen and Terry’s wedding

Welcome to Our Day!

We are so happy that you can come and share it with us, and are really looking forward to seeing you all.

Special request – urgent:

A word, a sentence, a picture, a lyric – whatever else comes to mind – from each guest, by the end of Sunday, 8 August! Something that you think of when you think of us, whether that’s individually or together, or even just one of us. 

This will be sent to Tim Porteous, who will be weaving it all into a story to tell us on The Day. He may not use everything, and he may change things a bit – so don’t worry too much about it. We’re not looking for anything sentimental! It could be something silly, or sarcastic, or funny, or matter-of-fact – anything, really, that comes to your mind.  

We weren’t sure if dancing would be possible so we thought, as we love stories and storytelling, and hope you do too, storytelling would be a bit of fun, but we need your help!  

Please email your snippet to Helen (, or phone/text/message it to one of us (mobile numbers at the end of this). 


There will be canapés and a help-yourself buffet. Please let us know as soon as you can if you have any food allergies or major dislikes! (There will be no parsnips …) The theme is likely to be Middle Eastern (at the moment). 


We have been together for nearly 16 years, and had quite a lot of life before that, so we don’t need anything! Or if we do, we aren’t really missing it and probably haven’t got room for it. However, we realise people often want to give something, so if that’s you (and don’t worry if it isn’t!), it would be very helpful if you wanted to contribute something towards the catering or champagne. Paypal transfer to Send us a note to let us know, so that we can thank you (and confirm it has landed all right). 


We haven’t booked a photographer, but are asking anyone who takes photos during the day if they’d mind sharing them with us. (We’ve asked one or two people specifically to take some photos, but we’d also like them to be in some of them 😊) 


Please let us know if you will be driving to and from the wedding on the same day and will need to find somewhere to park. The venue is very close to the village primary school, and if necessary we may be able to ask them if we can use their carpark. There is a small carpark at the venue – it holds about three or four non-massive vehicles comfortably, maybe more (not sure). There is free on-street parking on one side of our road, but that may be full with residents’ cars. Try to avoid the Spar carpark if possible. If you are staying in the area for at least one night, we’ll work out alternative parking for you. 


The 113 bus from Edinburgh comes to Pencaitland, more travel to Musselburgh and Tranent. Be warned, it takes up to an hour and a half to get here. There are trains to Musselburgh and Wallyford, from where you can get buses and taxis if needed.

Our address:

1 Tyneholm Cottages, EH34 5AD (end-terrace cottage, opposite the phone box). On maps, the road is called Lempockwells Road, although there’s no street sign.

Our house is literally 5 minutes’ walk up the road from the venue, and we will be making sure there are plenty of supplies there as well, if anyone wants to move off from the Carriage House and have a few drinks/chats up there later on. The pub in the village is currently undergoing a major refurb, and, while the plans look nice, sadly, at present it doesn’t look as though it’ll be open by 4 September.

Phone numbers:

Helen: 07912 747 928; Terry: 07980 352 555 


Our rough plan is as follows:

2.45/3pm*  Start to gather, take a few photos, etc.  
We envisage this happening in the outdoor part of the Carriage House, if the weather is nice enough (i.e. dry and not freezing!) 
3.30  Ceremony (in the ‘Carriage room’) 
3.55ish  Ceremony over – canapés/drinks (in the ‘Grooms’ room’) 
4.30ish  Storyteller 
In the main room where the kitchen is (‘Grooms’ room’) or possibly outside, if the weather’s nice 
5.30/6ish  Help-yourself buffet  
In the Grooms’ room and outside if weather nice 
Till whenever Eating, drinking, mingling, chatting 
We believe dancing will be allowed by this stage, depending on the health situation at the time. We haven’t organised a band, but there is space for dancing, we think, if it spontaneously happens! Terry and Callum will be putting together some music anyway. 
Venue booked until 11pm.Party moves up to ours, if still ongoing 😊 (if Helen has had much champagne, she might be asleep well before then!) 

* The venue is in use by a dance class till 11am, so we will be preparing the space a bit beforehand and possibly rushing around! But we hope to be ready, dressed (up) and there by 2.45/3ish.