Humanitarian War

Bombing for peace?

That makes so much sense doesn’t it?

We seem to live in a world where our political leaders seem to think that a little bit of constructive sabre rattling and a nice convenient little war somewhere can help deflect the attention of the electorate away from the myriad problems right on their own doorstep.

Can’t afford to give nurses a decent pay rise? Accept a 10% raise for doing hee haw.

No money to spend on hospitals, schools, and other essential public services. Spend dear only knows how many billions of pounds on replacing a weapons system that is designed, in an “ideal” world, never to be used.

Poverty, food banks, homelessness, deterioration of living standards? Blame immigrants and refugees.

Afraid of the influx of immigrants and refugees? Go and bomb the hell out of somewhere, thus causing even more people to want to flee from there adding to the number of potential refugees from that country.

Sadly, throughout all of this century so far, and the part of the 20th century I lived in, the answer to any perceived “threat to our Democracy” has been, bomb them.

And well, that has worked so well in the past hasn’t it?

And no, we don’t even need to look very far afield, to places in the middle east , to Vietnam to see the fallacy of this “tried and tested” approach.

This country, this shining beacon of democracy that we are trying to protect is itself testament to this fact.

Lest we forget that 75 years ago, the Battle of Britain was raging. The Blitz was at its height. Yes, the full might of Nazi Germany was trying to bomb us into submission. Did that work? History would suggest that it did not.

And for all that we can glorify the “Blitz Spirit” that held us together and toughened our resolve to fight on; for all the heroism, for all the tragic loss of life, it illustrates one thing; bombing people doesn’t work.

If any nation on the face of the planet should know this fact, it should be us.

Of course, far be it that any Johnny Terrorist would have such have such a spirit, but the fact is, no matter how precision our bombs now are, when you bomb, innocents get killed, and when you kill innocents, you increase resentment against those doing the bombing, and when you increase resentment, more people will have reason to take cause against us.

Bombing for safety does not work. War in the name of peace, does not work. Bombing just results in killing, which results in counter bombing and more killing.

How many times does history have to repeat this lesson? Why is humanity doomed to continually repeat the same mistakes?

Where, oh where is that friendly asteroid when we need it?

One thought on “Bombing for peace?

  1. Claire says:

    So true … and of course isis want is to bomb so they get more recruits.

    An ace bit of writing as usual.


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