Aberdeen Football Club

The agony and the, er, well, more agony really…

Aberdeen Football Club As a life long supporter of Aberdeen Football Club, I’ve probably seen it all.  The glory days of the early to mid 80s, the triumph of Gothenburg, the nearly years of the late 80s and early to mid 90s, and the near perpetual despair ever since.  Yes, I’ve probably been there, done it and collected several T-shirts along the way. But for once, the good old BBC has given me something to smile about.  The current Scottish Premier League table on their site currently shows the once mighty Dons sitting resolutely at the top of the table, as we do at this point of the season every year, on account of Aberdeen being, alphabetically, at least, the premier footballing side in Scotland. Of course, the only problem with this table is that, as I type, not a single ball has been kicked as the new season doesn’t get underway until tomorrow, when we host St Johnston. I suspect, come 4:45pm on Saturday, the table will look very different to the one shown above and I’ll probably be beginning the long wait until this time next year when, once again, Aberdeen will briefly (albeit on a linguistic technicality) be sitting at the top of the table again. I’m realistic enough to realise that the days where we finish the season with the same league position as which we started it (i.e. 1st) are long gone; but for now, I can dream a little…


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